SQLMemTable: In-Memory SQL Database for Delphi

SQLMemTable is a simple and fast in-memory table and query for Delphi and C++ Builder. SQLMemTable includes three visual components:

  • TSQLMemTable which is a fast and easy in-memory TTable replacement;
  • TSQLMemQuery that provides a subset of SQL’92 operators;
  • TSQLMemBatchMove which is very close to TBatchMove and supports almost all of its functionality.

SQLMemTable does not require BDE and provides all the TTable functions such as master / detail relationship, filtering, searching, sorting, blob fields, key and range methods, as well as some advanced features like blob fields compression and Unicode support.

SQLMemTable provides the following services:

  • SQL (DML & DDL) commands support;
  • Referential Integrity support (foreign keys)
  • BatchMove component;
  • master / detail relationship;
  • creating, renaming, emptying, deleting and restructuring tables;
  • creating, editing, deleting, browsing and searching for records;
  • creating and deleting multiple indexes;
  • calculated and lookup fields;
  • filtering support;
  • BLOB fields compression;
  • Multi-thread access;
  • importing from and exporting to any dataset in fast and easy way;
  • internationalization / localization and Unicode support.

SQLMemTable is a fully functional in-memory database system; it includes table, query and batch move components as well as useful utility (with source code), demos and comprehensive help. SQLMemTable does not require BDE or any external drivers and has small footprint.

SQLMemTable Personal is free for personal use. Any company must order SQLMemTable Com, Pro, Team4, Team8 or Enterprise to use it in its projects.
Homepage: http://www.aidaim.com/
Download: http://www.aidaim.com/products/download.php
File Size: 3.4 MB
Delphi Version: Delphi 4 – Delphi 2006
Source: None


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