Professional Screen Camera Component v.

Professional Screen Camera Component is a capture desktop screen to avi files.

Some features:

  • Save desktop screen to avi file by arbitrary region.
  • Select region from 5 way. (SelObject, FreeHand, FixedMoving, FixedStable, FullScreen).
  • Auto selecting best video codecs in your system. (DivX, XviD, MP4, WMV and Standard AVIs).
  • Capability recording audio from selected input device.
  • Full support recording from single monitor and/or multi monitor.
  • Change arbitrary recording frame rate. (Up to 1000 fps — super fast machines).
  • Capability recording with set timer.
  • Change on time video priority at recording mode.
  • Capability preview before recording or with recording.
  • On time show recording status.
  • On time drawing objects, texts, images and… over video canvas. (Overlay option).
  • On time filter effective (GrayScale Drawing, Reverse Color, Rotation, Brightness, Contrast, Color Adjusting, Saturation, Noise).
  • and more …

File Size: 410 KB
Delphi Version: Delphi 7 – Delphi 2009
Source: Included

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